Christos Anesti!
Alithos Anesti!

Christ is risen!
He is truly risen!

– Eastern Paschal Greeting

Happy Easter to one and all! Today, we celebrate the most important day in the Church’s calendar: the fulfilment of Christ’s earthly mission and foreshadowing of our heavenly destiny in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

No serious historian would doubt that Jesus existed (See video, ‘Atheist Stumped by Overwhelming Evidence for Jesus’ Existence…From an Agnostic Liberal Scholar!‘). What about his resurrection? If we are to proclaim this Good News, as we are commissioned to, its importance cannot be overstated, because [pullquote]Christ’s bodily resurrection is the single most decisive factor in determining the validity of the Christian faith[/pullquote]: as St. Paul says, “If Christ has not been raised… we are of all men most to be pitied.” (1Cor 15:17,19)

God has not left us without a reasonable basis for trusting Him: what we find, as in the case of his historical existence, is a reasonable ground in historical evidence for belief in Christ’s bodily resurrection, which is why it has been responsible for numerous conversions of those who have seriously undertaken to study it (even of those who initially set out to debunk it). Dr. Peter Kreeft states:

We believe Christ’s resurrection can be proved with at least as much certainty as any universally believed and well-documented event in ancient history.

See the full article by Dr. Peter Kreeft on the evidence for the Resurrection.

Dr. William Lane Craig, a prominent and respected Evangelical philosopher and theologian whose specialised in the study of the resurrection, gives a convincing outline of the evidence for Christ’s resurrection:

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