All the 22 Eastern Catholic Churches in communion with the Roman Catholic Church agree in doctrine, as do the Eastern Orthodox Churches for the most part; they include the most ancient Churches in Jerusalem, in Greek-speaking areas where St. Paul preached, and in areas where the Apostles established their Churches and were then martyred; they trace their history back to such figures.

How do Protestants account for such historical evidence, especially in light of Christ’s own words? If all such Churches fell away from the earliest times, then surely Jesus built his house on sand [Mt 7:26], hid the light under the bushel [Lk 11:33], collapsed the pillar and foundation of truth [1 Tim 3:15], and let gates of hell prevail against the Church [Mt 16:18], such that He must have decided not to be with us always to the close of the age, after all [Mt 28:20]?

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